About Youth Field

Youth Field is the youth’s “habitat”. Inhabiting means living in a certain place. In other words, Youth Field is the space where people live and make friends to eat fruits together, and discover ideas unprecedently while communicating with each other. Sometimes, the groups inhabiting Youth Field get along with each other to attempt a new thing.
To be sure, these things do not occur naturally even though young people are gathered. They have to try to network with each other by having small or large meetings, creating certain spaces, or finding the ways to live while spending less energy together. Creating a “common habitat” while “doing each one’s activities”. The space to seek and experiment a funny balance between the two is Youth Field.


Space structure (As of 2015)

One underground : Multi-purpose space
1st floor above ground : Real estate agency (supporting operation), cafe and open space, crafts room, practice room, etc.
2nd ~ 3rd floor above ground: Spaces for groups moving into the building, seminar rooms, open space, shared kitchen, etc.
4th floor above ground: Multi-purpose space, rotunda, etc.
* Open space : Space where people can freely use
* Space for rental : Crafts room on the 1st floor above ground, practice rooms, seminar rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor, etc.


Space information

· Year of foundation : Construction completed on June 23rd, 1970.
· History of space : The building of Youth Field was constructed as the one for the Family Planning Research Institute in 1970. The institute was established as the one covering Asian region with the support of Sweden and the US to respond to high birth rate and population increase, global issues in the 1960s and 70s. Kim Dong-gyu, one of the first generation architects who have built constructions for medical welfare, was in charge of design and construction of the building to meet the international standards so that the building has a significant value in the history of architecture.
· Scale/Size : One building (Four floors above ground and one underground) / (Gross floor area 4,295.70㎡ / About 330 pyeong (1 pyeong = about 3.3m²) for each floor)
· Ownership/Management : Seoul Metropolitan Government
· Organization/Program operation: Seoul Youth Hub




[Requirements for moving into the building]
Youth groups, enterprises, communities, and individuals who do activities in Seoul and whose leader is between 19 and 39 years old. Participating in meetings of operating committee which are held anytime and monthly neighborhood meetings.
※ Currently, 57 teams have moved into the building and whenever a room becomes empty, we’ll recruit a team to move into the room anytime.

Location : 22 dong, Seoul Innovation Park, Tongil-ro 684, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
Contact : Space Creation Team of Seoul Youth Hub, 070-4432-6184(5), youth_field@youthhub.kr
Youth Policy Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, 02-2133-6582
Facebook : fb.com/youthfield0623